Commercial Pest Control Services Butte County, CA

Whether you operate an office building or a restaurant, pest control is a central focus and concern. If there are bugs or rodents in your building, it needs immediate and thorough attention, delivered by a pest control expert.

Hobbs Pest Solutions is here to make sure your facilities are properly protected against pests at all times. We’re a local leader among pest control companies in Butte County, CA and also servicing the Yuba County, and Sutter County areas, with the ability to provide complete and thorough service to businesses of all types, no matter the pests you’re dealing with.

Scheduled Services

Through scheduled treatment services, we’ll help you stay on top of commercial pest control in Butte County, CA and also servicing the Yuba County, and Sutter County areas. Our services can be scheduled at any interval that’s right for you—from bi weekly, to monthly, to quarterly or even semi-annually! We’ll thoroughly inspect your facilities, spray for any pests and make sure you’re not dealing with a developing pest problem. Plus, integrated pest management reports will be written after each service, to help insure a pest-free environment.

Treating Any Facilities

Big or small, your facilities are protected when you call us for pest control services. Our services are delivered with a mind for keeping your employees and patrons safe at all times. We utilize non-toxic monitoring stations, insect lights, pheromone traps and exterior monitoring stations, to help combat pests in a safe, effective way.

commercial pest control for apartments

Keep the Pests Away

If you’re dealing with a commercial pest problem you just can’t seem to get a handle on, Hobbs Pest Solutions is here to help. No matter the pest, the scope of the problem or the type of business you operate, we’ll make sure your pest problem is a short-lived one. And, through scheduled service and no-cost follow-ups, we make it easy to stay protected against pests of all types.

Give us a call today at 530-624-5390 to schedule a consultation appointment and let our experienced professionals propose an integrated pest management solution for your facilities.