Lawn Care & Fertilization in Chico, CA

One of the biggest attractors for pests to your property is an unkempt lawn. Bugs and rodents are attracted to weeds and tall grass that they can hide and nest in, as well as standing water and rubbish they can use to sustain themselves. Most home and business owners don’t realize that the best way to keep themselves rid of pests is to start with proper lawn care in Chico, CA and also servicing the Yuba County, and Sutter County areas!

Weed Prevention

Weeds are more than a nuisance on your lawn—they’re a prime driver of pests. Bugs nest in or feast on weeds, making them a huge draw to your property for unwanted pests. Through our weed prevention program, we’re able to keep weeds at a minimum and make sure your lawn remains lush and verdant, weed-free to ensure it’s not bringing unwanted pests onto your property.

Lawn Fertilization

One of the best ways to guarantee a green lawn that’s healthy and full is to invest in lawn fertilization in Chico, Oroville, Butte County, and South Oroville, CA and also servicing the Yuba County, and Sutter County areas. Fertilizing your lawn gives it everything it needs to look great and thrive. Plus, fertilization also helps with weed control and issues like crab grass or dead spots. Through proper lawn fertilization, we give you the lawn you deserve, with an added benefit of deterring pests!

Keep Up Your Lawn

Is your lawn an oasis of green that’s beautiful, thick and lush? If not, Hobbs Pest Solutions can help you transform it into the envy of the neighborhood! Through tailored lawn care services, we take pride in giving home and business owners the lawn they deserve, while also keeping pests from taking an interest in your property.

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