February 9, 2021

"Mark Lazzarino is a very good technician., he is on time ,and explains what is doing on each visit "
February 9, 2021

"Hired Hobbs pest control to eradicate a rodent Prost our house and Mark Lazzarino did an incredible job for us- would highly recommend them"
February 9, 2021

"A couple weeks ago we hired Hobbs Pest Solutions, because after the Camp Fire, our neighborhood was experiencing field mice getting into everything. We've never had this problem in the past, we tried a few of our own traps, but then decided to hire a pest control service. The mice were around the house, got to a couple quads, and were starting to come into the garage. Julian Salazar from Hobbs Pest Solutions is our pest solutions guy now and we couldn't be happier! Julian is doing such a great job going out of his way to help us with our pest problem. He is very professional and punctual. We have already noticed a big decline in our pest problem. We would highly recommend Hobbs Pest Solutions! And you should ask for Julian Salazar!"
January 26, 2021

"Recently hired Hobbs .. I was very pleased with the service person they sent out.. MORRIS!! Very personable and didn’t try to force anything.. let me come to my own decision on what I wanted/ needed. He also very pleasantly worked around my work hours for the couple of weeks we had to keep eye out for rodents. Glad I chose Hobbs. "
November 18, 2020

Rat infestation

"The house next door was condemned, and rat infested worse then anything they've seen. This company went above and beyond to solve this long term issue. They came back several times to make sure it was resolved, and checked in often to see if there were new issues. A dream come true to now worry about rats from next door ever again !!! "
Hobbs Pest Solutions