December 6, 2019

awesome service

"wow, knowledgeable guy, he guided out trailer park with out the use of chemicals so we can figure out ways to help reduce our constant ant issues.he informed us that our park is similar to an oasis and all animals always need the 3 keys to life, food, water, and harborage. we all were over watering at night and into the days, he then had us control watering to a minimal amounts , and only for certain times. i cannot believe how reduced our ant problems are just by simply gifting us his knowledge, marks a great person, and i only recommend using him or where he works, and that is Hobbs pest soloutions. "
December 4, 2019

"This is my first time using Hobbs and could not be more pleased. Mark was very thorough and knowledgeable. Great customer service!!!!"
November 22, 2019

"Our technician, Drew, is very friendly, courteous and always willing to help. He rescued us one morning by getting a mouse out of a toilet in our office."
November 22, 2019

"We had bugs so bad you could not leave anything for a second. With in 2 months not a bug 1 thanks Hobbs. Chris Fontaine."
November 22, 2019

"The customer service you get from Hobbs pest control is outstanding! Morris goes above and beyond answering any and all questions about our service and removing outdoor cobwebs! Hobbs is very reasonably priced and the attention to detail provided is fantastic!"
Hobbs Pest Solutions