Follow These Tips to Keep Pesky Fleas Out of Your Yard

Follow These Tips to Keep Pesky Fleas Out of Your Yard

September 21, 2020

Having fleas in your yard can really ruin your family’s fun, especially during the warmer months. Many people are surprised to learn that these little pests can lay up to 50 eggs a day, so a small flea problem can become a huge flea problem in a matter of days, let alone weeks. Fleas are able to grab onto pets (or people) and hitchhike into the house, where they can cause all manner of problems.

If you think you might have fleas starting to gain a foothold in your yard, it’s time to call a local fumigation service in Butte County, CA and let them get to work!

What are fleas?

Fleas are tiny little bugs that are quite difficult to spot. One way to determine if you have them is to wear long athletic socks (white, pulled up as high as they’ll go) and walk through your grass. If you indeed have fleas, at least some of them will be visible on your socks and you’ll know you need to call a local fumigation service in Butte County, CA, because these little things can cause big problems. Flea bites can cause sores and rashes at the site of the bite, which can be irritating for humans and pets alike. They’re also shockingly long-lived—they can survive for up to two years, so you can’t just wait this problem out.

How can I fight back against fleas?

There are several possible solutions to fleas in your yard. You can use a treatment solution with a spreader, which are readily available at any home supply store. You can also be proactive about the barrier of your property by clearing all leaves and lawn debris from around your home to a depth of about 18 inches. You should also make the effort to remove thatch from around the yard, since this can make for an attractive home for fleas to set up shop.

Landscaping tips to help control fleas

When you’re mowing, you also want to try and keep your lawn at the ideal height. Mulching and keeping grass high are the green option anyway, but they can also keep fleas at bay. You want to look up the ideal height for your type of grass (Bermuda grass should be around 1.5” to 2” tall, for example) and keep it to that height. Keeping the grass cut too low means the predators of fleas won’t be able to set up shop and help you out, while tall grass gives fleas too many places to hide. Find that happy medium and you might avoid needing to call a local fumigation service in Butte County, CA altogether.

Pest control is one of the least glamorous parts of homeownership, while simultaneously being one of the most important. Unchecked bug growth can quickly lead to itchy family members, chewed wood in your walls or even worse. Hobbs Pest Solutions offers a wide range of residential pest control services that can handle anything from the tiniest termite to the biggest rats. Give us a call if you believe your home is under siege by pests!

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