Warning Signs and Tips for a Rat Infestation

Warning Signs and Tips for a Rat Infestation

October 20, 2020

If you hear squeaking from the walls, chances are, you’re not imagining it. This could be a sign it’s time to call in your local rodent control specialists. Exterminating rats is a job for the professionals, but there are a few simple things you can do to prevent future infestations. Below are some of the most effective methods for deterring rats in Butte County, CA.

Watch out for these signs

Rats are difficult to spot. They’re great at coexisting with humans but still prefer to keep their distance. One telltale sign of a rat infestation is when your dog can’t stop looking in a specific area of the house. They might howl at the ceiling because a heightened sense of hearing lets them know rats are scurrying inside your house’s structure.

Also, rat colonies will devastate a garden. Unsuspecting homeowners could walk into their back yards, only to find the wholesale destruction of a strawberry patch. Rats will gnaw on carrots, cucumbers, citrus trees, and whatever else they can get their claws on.

Keep in mind that rats never travel alone—where there’s one, there’s many. Every once in a while, you might be lucky enough to catch one on your home security camera rushing across the porch. Rats are nocturnal, so you’re more likely to spot them stealing food at night.

Eliminate food supplies

Rats are drawn to homes that are an easy target. Cutting off their food source is the best way to fend off these pesky invaders. Stay on top of disposing garbage every week so rats aren’t tempted to rummage through your trash bins. If you have a garden, defend it with the right kind of wiring and eco-friendly pest repellents.

Block entrances to your home

These sneaky little critters will squeeze through holes you didn’t even know existed in your home. Inspect your roof for damage and call local rodent control specialists in Butte County, CA for help sealing weak spots. Rats also gain access via weep holes in your home’s exterior. Covering these with mesh wire allows proper air flow while deterring unwanted visitors.

Clean up the clutter

Clutter is the prime location for rats’ nests both in your house and outside. Rodents prefer attics and basements because they’re often used as storage units, and humans don’t occupy those spaces. Discourage extra tenants by organizing your storage and throwing out what you don’t need anymore.

Yards must be properly maintained, as well. Trim overgrown bushes that offer shade to rat colonies. Tidy up outdoor structures like a tool shed, even if no one in the family uses it. As you clean up the yard, identify spots that look abandoned and provide dark, quiet debris for nests. Rats won’t target areas that receive frequent upkeep.

If you’ve got a rat infestation on your hands, leave it to the professionals at Hobbs Pest Solutions. We’re the local rodent control specialists in Butte County, CA who will defend your home against those unwanted critters. See our page about rodent control to learn how we keep rats out for good.

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