How to Protect Your Home during Ant Season

How to Protect Your Home during Ant Season

November 5, 2020

Summer is that time of year when homeowners are gearing up to battle ant colonies. But no one wants to spend precious moments of their summer vacation worrying about infestations. That’s why you need a reliable ant pest controller and a few tricks up your sleeve. Below are some tips that homeowners in Butte County, CA can implement right away to survive ant season.

Clean the kitchen and dining areas

Everyone knows an outdoor picnic left unattended will summon the nearest ant colony. The same happens when dirty dishes pile up and food crumbs litter the kitchen floor. Eliminate the colony’s food supply by cleaning up right after meals, even if all you want to do at the end of the day is relax.

Cleaning floors on a regular basis is a great way to discourage ants from entering your home. Remember to vacuum not just the kitchen but other common eating areas as well. Scout ants that discover crumbs will return to the colony and say your house is their new source of food. Leave nothing for the scouts, and the colony will travel elsewhere.

Seal cracks in the foundation

You’ll also have to ant-proof potential entrances to the house. Search for cracks along the doors, windows and foundation, then fill everything with caulk. However, keep in mind you’ll have to redo the caulking every so often. Working with a reliable ant pest controller in Butte County, CA gives your home the best protection against ant invasions.

If you’ve dealt with ants in the past, anticipate their arrival by caulking entrances before summer. Scout ants will enter your home even if the floors and kitchen leave no trace of food. It’s best to think ahead and prevent ants from entering in the first place.

Eliminate the colony with ant baits

Let’s say a few scouts made their way indoors. Instead of squashing them right away, set ant baits where they like to gather. Scout ants are attracted to the delicious scent of food inside and will bring it back to the colony. Little do they know, the food is tainted with deadly poison. Ant baits are a cheap way to deter ant infestations and are sold at your local hardware store in Butte County, CA.

Search the yard for ant mounds

Eliminate colonies before they even get near the house. Tiny mounds of dirt give away their location and should be sprayed with insecticide. Remember, the best way to prevent ant invasions is attacking at the source. A reliable ant pest controller knows best how to identify ant mounds and will provide the most effective, industry-leading extermination products.

Don’t let a few ants ruin the summer. When you’re faced with a swarm of ants, you need a team of qualified professionals to back you up. With the help of Hobbs Pest Solutions, your house will become an impenetrable fortress against tiny critters.

Send us a quick message to receive custom advice on fixing that pesky ant invasion. We’ll help you defend your home!

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