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Keep Spiders from Moving in with You

April 30, 2020

When they’re outside your home, spiders can be a real asset to your local ecosystem. They manage bug populations in your neighborhood, a task that keeps insects like flies, fleas and ticks from spilling into your home. Yes, when they’re outside your home, spiders are great. When they come inside, however, things can get pretty icky, pretty quickly. At this point, you’ll have nothing left to do but hunt up some local exterminators in Butte County, CA. If you want to help keep your home spider-free, here are some tips. Know when you’re at risk Before a spider chooses to... View Article

Use These Ideas to Keep Unwanted Guests Out

April 9, 2020

Over the winter, most rodents in Northern California hole up in various shelters they’ve established over the past weeks and months. Once the weather warms up and the days run longer, however, these invasive little critters head out in search of new food sources and new places to lay their heads and build a family. They might look cute in Pixar movies, but you certainly do not want a family of mice or rats in your home. Once they have built a nest in your home, mice and rats can reproduce with astonishing speed. This new colony will quickly break... View Article

Tips for Keeping Pests Out of Your Home in the Spring

March 26, 2020

Winter is finally over, and homeowners throughout Northern California are eager to get out into the sunshine and get the summer going. Of course, on the other end of the spectrum, there are countless creepy crawlers who are peeking their heads out of their various hiding places and setting their sights on your home. As gorgeous as our part of California may be, it’s also home to a massive variety of pests, including several species of ants and spiders, as well as an ample number of termites, bedbugs and fleas. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to limit your... View Article

Important Things to Consider When Seeking Out a Local Pest Exterminator

March 5, 2020

Unwanted pests are the worst. Ants, cockroaches, termites, rats, mice and other critters should not be living inside your house or office—ever. And where there’s one, there’s generally more. A single pest sighting can quickly turn into a full-blown pest infestation that’s bad for your health and belongings, and if you have a commercial pest problem, pests are bad for business, too. You need to take action quickly to get ahead of an infestation, so reach out to an exterminator as soon as you see, hear or smell pests. Don’t wait too long to call a pest control company, but... View Article

Six Tips for Finding a Quality Pest Control Company

February 20, 2020

No one wants pests invading their home or business, but everyone’s had the experience of seeing a giant, ugly bug skittering across the floor. A wince is the most common reaction to seeing a rodent, insects or other pest inside a building where you live or work, followed by picking up the phone to dial a local pest control service. To avoid a pest infestation, you should reach out to the right people for solutions as soon as possible. An experienced exterminator can rid your home of unwanted pests quickly—all you have to do is call. You may want those... View Article

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