Important Things to Consider When Seeking Out a Local Pest Exterminator

Important Things to Consider When Seeking Out a Local Pest Exterminator

March 5, 2020

Unwanted pests are the worst. Ants, cockroaches, termites, rats, mice and other critters should not be living inside your house or office—ever. And where there’s one, there’s generally more. A single pest sighting can quickly turn into a full-blown pest infestation that’s bad for your health and belongings, and if you have a commercial pest problem, pests are bad for business, too. You need to take action quickly to get ahead of an infestation, so reach out to an exterminator as soon as you see, hear or smell pests.

Don’t wait too long to call a pest control company, but you should take a little time to make sure you choose the right one for your needs. Here’s a list of the most important things to consider when comparing local pest exterminators in Butte County, CA.

The methods and chemicals they use

The most important thing to think about when you need to hire a pest control company is the kinds of chemicals and methods they will use. This is crucial information if you have children, elderly folks or pets living in the home. For instance, some pest control companies use chemical pesticides to kill certain pests, but they might also practice live catch pest control methods. A reputable company will inform you upfront about any potential health risks associated with the products or methods they use.

You will probably need to leave your house during the eradication process, so ask ahead of time how they plan to protect your belongings from coming into contact with any chemicals.

How they will handle pests

A good pest control team will be able to tell you the specific types of pests you are dealing with. Next, they’ll determine which stage the pests are in, evaluate the size and scope of the infestation and inform you of how long the pests have been living in your home.

Another thing the company should do is give you a detailed breakdown of the reasons why you shouldn’t delay treatment (if you need it), as well as the kinds of damage pests can do to your home. A personal prevention plan will be created for you showing how long the first treatment will take and the following steps that will need to be taken to banish pests for good.

License and insurance

The pest control company you hire needs to be both licensed and insured. If the company is covered with the proper insurance, this means you won’t be held responsible for injury or damage caused during the pest control treatment process. Proper licensing is also a sign that the company is professional, well-trained and experienced in the pest control services they offer. Walk away from a company that refuses to produce a copy of its business insurance policy, whether upon your request or with the work estimate.

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