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Signs That You Might Have a Spider Infestation in Your Home

October 4, 2019

Spiders are genuinely miraculous creatures. They come in a vast array of sizes and shapes, some cute, some scary, some stunning. The webs they build are natural wonders that are held together by silk that, inch by inch, is stronger than steel. Additionally, most spiders are perfectly harmless… unless you’re a bug. Indeed, spiders may have a righteous claim to the title of being the best form of pest control in Butte County, CA. Yes, one spider is a delight (and only when it’s outside your home). Several spiders, on the other hand, is a different story. Spider infestations in... View Article

Five Things You Can Do to Prevent Ants from Moving in With You

September 5, 2019

The last thing any homeowner wants to do is share their kitchen and living space with ants, and are therefore willing to do whatever it takes to keep the pests out. Fortunately, your local experts in pest controlling in Butte County, CA are here to tell you about some of the ways you can do just that. Here is a list of precautions you can take to prevent ants from becoming your next uninvited houseguests: Proper sealing: Ants can find their way into your home through any number of various entry points, some that are easily detectable, and others that... View Article

Signs That You Might Have a Bed Bug Infestation

August 22, 2019

Although bed bugs are normally hard to spot, there are a few signs that can key you into their potential presence in your home. A full-scale bed bug infestation is the last thing you want, and knowing some of these signs in advance so that you can take action immediately with bed bug control in Butte County, CA is vital. Follow along with this guide to learn what you need to be on the lookout for to avoid a bed bug invasion: Overnight bites: Bed bug bites often go undetected because they can easily be mistaken for bites from another... View Article

Tips to Quickly Identify an Ant Infestation

August 7, 2019

If you find a few ants here and there around your home, it’s not necessarily a big deal. Sometimes ants get inside the home and spend some time trying to find food to forage for. However, it’s when you have ant colonies actually forming within the walls of your home that you need to be truly concerned. Here are a few ways you can determine if you have ants living inside your walls. We recommend calling an ant control specialist in Butte County, CA if you believe this to be the case: Ant type: Are the ants carpenter ants? If... View Article

Why Are Ants More Likely to Invade in Springtime?

July 6, 2019

The likelihood of finding someone who is cool with ants hanging out or living in their home or office is slim. Ants are tiny things, but can be quite the nuisance and a major inconvenience, as well as cause risks to your property and health. Unfortunately, ants are some of the most common pests in the United States, with over 700 distinct species. What’s more is that pest control companies answer a much higher number of calls for ant problems in the spring than for just about any other kind of critter. Why do ants seem to invade homes more... View Article

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