How to Keep Rats Away

How to Keep Rats Away

July 30, 2018

Across the country, rats are on the rise. This means that homeowners and business owners are finding themselves seeking out increasingly creative solutions to deal with pest problems. Rats pose a number of threats, including potential health risks, substantive property damage and more. Thankfully, there are a number of steps you can take to keep rats at bay and ensure that you’re living in a happy and healthy environment.

If you are struggling with an existing rat infestation, it’s likely time to call for the help of a professional exterminator. Working with a rat exterminator in Oroville, CA can help you overcome your current pest problem. Additionally, your exterminator will likely be able to provide you with a series of action steps that will ensure you don’t encounter another infestation.

Here are just some of the easiest steps you can take to keep rats at bay:

  • Place mothballs around the property:
    Mothballs are created using pesticides and deodorant. This toxic combination is a helpful tool you can use to keep rats away from your property. Investing in some mothballs is an excellent way to deter rats from your home or commercial property—just be sure to keep them outdoors, because the fumes may damage human lungs, as well.
  • Use snake or cat litter:
    Used snake and cat litter is an excellent tool you can use to deter rat infestations. If you don’t have a snake or cat, you may be able to get some used litter from your local pet store or a friend. The odor of two of their most notorious natural predators is likely to deter most rats from settling in your home or garden area. However, rats suffering from toxoplasmosis, a parasite, will actually be attracted to the litter.
  • Sprinkle pepper powder:
    You can use hot chili powder to deter rats. Sprinkle some pepper powder in or near the holes leading to any visible rat burrows on your property. This will constrict the rat’s ability to breathe, and will likely force them to look for a new home. Placing pepper powder near the corners of your walls can also serve to deter rats that have moved indoors.
  • Slice an onion:
    Rats hate the scent of a freshly chopped onion. Slicing an onion and placing it around the perimeter of your home can help you deter rats from entering your abode. Placing an onion in a rat hole, as well, can help you push rats out of existing burrows on your property. Be sure to replace the chopped onion every day until you notice an improvement in the rat population on your property.
  • Purchase a noise box:
    If none of the more natural methods of rat prevention are working, you may want to consider investing in a noise box. Because rats communicate using ultrasonic sounds, their ears are extremely sensitive. Noise boxes can damage their hearing and make it impossible for them to communicate, driving them away from your property.

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