Warning Signs That You and Your Pet May Have Fleas

Warning Signs That You and Your Pet May Have Fleas

August 22, 2018

Without your knowing it, you and your pet might be battling a flea infestation within your home. Because these pests are often difficult to see, you will have to pay close attention for any warnings signaling that they could become a problem for your family in the future. Your local provider of pest control in Butte County, CA is here to give you five warning signs that there may be fleas in your home:

  • Your pet is scratching and licking excessively:
    Any fleas that are in your home will naturally be attracted to your pet’s blood, and will strategically place themselves in hard-to-reach areas on their body. As a result, your pet will constantly be fussing with these areas, and if you notice they are licking or even biting themselves, it could be an indication that they are dealing with the presence of fleas.
  • Rashes or patches of red skin:
    If your pet has been scratching itself more than normal, there is a chance they could leave behind red marks in the areas that are irritated the most. Additionally, if you or your pet are allergic to fleas, a reaction could cause rashes or lesions to develop all over your body.
  • Loss of hair:
    An allergic reaction to a flea bite can also cause hair loss. If your pet is constantly gnawing at a bite, they might pull out some of their hair as well. In either case, if you notice patches of hair missing on yourself or your pet, it could be the result of a flea infestation in your home.
  • Pale gums:
    Fleas have the ability to extract a lot of blood from your pet, which could cause anemia. Pale gums are a common symptom of anemia, as your pet is not able to generate enough red blood cells to keep up with the amount of blood loss. If you have a known flea infestation, be sure to check your pet’s gums for any signs that anemia might be setting in.
  • Flea droppings and dirt:
    A sure sign of an infestation are the reddish-brown and black droppings that fleas leave behind. If you see small specks lying around, pick them up with a paper towel and spray water on them. If they turn red, they are pieces of digested blood that the flea has passed. Alternatively, try walking around in areas that your pet frequents while wearing white socks. If you pick up any flea dirt, it will be noticeable on the stark white background.

If you even suspect that your home has been infested with fleas, make sure you contact the team at Hobbs Pest Solutions right away. Even if it turns out that there is no infestation, or a potential invasion is caught early enough that it doesn’t get out of hand, your family and your pets will be glad you worked with our professional pest control team in Butte County, CA to eliminate any threats in advance. To make sure your home is pest-free, give us a call today!

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