Warning Signs That Rodents Might Have Moved in with You

Warning Signs That Rodents Might Have Moved in with You

September 18, 2018

Now that fall is on the horizon, it’s the time of year that rodents begin to find warm places to call home for the winter. Unfortunately, that warm place is also your residence, and rodents are never good roommates. Many times, they will damage buildings, and their droppings spread disease, compromising your safety. If you identify any of the following warning signs, rodents may have already moved into your building, and you should contact Hobbs Pest Solutions for rodent control in Butte County, CA as soon as possible:

  • Noises: You know that mysterious, occasional scratching and squeaking coming from behind your walls, under floorboards or in your ceiling? Those are warning signs that rodents are already in your home and doing damage. These noises may even draw your pet’s attention. If your pet starts acting strange, fixating on a specific area in your home, they might be bothered by the rodents scampering through the walls, making noise.
  • Gnawing: Other than warmth, the biggest reason rodents move in is to find more food. While rodents will not finish your stored food supply, they will leave traces of the sampling they’ve done. You may see sealed products with gnaw marks, holes, tears or shredded paper. If you do see these things, never consume the food with damaged packaging, and repackage your other food in safe containers. Rodents have powerful teeth that can gnaw through wires, wooden items, furniture, cardboard boxes and even water pipes. Seeing gnaw marks is a clear indicator that rodents are in your home and you need to call for pest control in Butte County, CA.
  • Droppings: Another telltale sign of rodent infestation is their droppings. You may see them in your building or outside near possible entrances; however, it’s more likely that you will smell the droppings before you see them. Rodent droppings leave a pungent, musky odor that you and your pets will likely identify. Never ignore rodent droppings. They are a safety hazard that spread diseases, presenting major health risks for you and your pets. If you see rodent droppings, you need rodent control immediately.
  • Live rats or mice: If you see a rat or mouse in your home, it is very likely that many more are not far behind. Worse still, if you see a rodent during the day, it’s possible that the rodent’s nest is overpopulated, and you have a messy rodent infestation on your hands. Seeing a live rodent is a clear-cut sign that you need to contact Hobbs Pest Solutions to ensure that your home will soon be a safe, rodent-free zone.

Paying attention to these warning signs and acting on them immediately will reduce the risk of large-scale infestation, damage to your home and contracting a disease. A professional’s ability to quickly and effectively remove these rodents is directly linked to how quickly you identify the problem, so be attentive to your surroundings and take note of the warnings above. If you notice any of these signs, call Hobbs Pest Solutions for rodent control in Butte County, CA immediately.

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