Tips for Recognizing and Preventing an Ant Infestation

Tips for Recognizing and Preventing an Ant Infestation

October 2, 2018

As the chilly temperatures move in, the insects do too. Ant infestation is a common problem for homeowners, but it is preventable and treatable. The best thing you can do is to eliminate those seemingly harmless pests before it’s too late. Take some time to review the following tips to recognize and prevent ant infestation, and reach out for ant pest control in Butte County, CA when problems arise:

  • Listen: If you put your ear up against a wall you suspect is infested, you may be able to hear the ants work and identify the location of a colony. Unfortunately, if the ants in your home are living within your walls, you’re likely dealing with carpenter ants. This little pest is single-handedly responsible for millions of dollars in property damage every year, burrowing into rotted wood, chewing galleries throughout homes. These galleries can cause serious structural damage, costing you thousands of dollars to fix and risking your safety every day you don’t.
  • Look: A clear sign that you need ant pest control is if you see an ant, an ant trail or ant nests. Spotting a stray ant here or there in your home or seeing a cluster of small ant nests outside your home may seem harmless. Unfortunately, it’s likely that the few ants you do see are part of a much larger infestation, and before you know it, your pet’s food dish will be plundered by a battalion of ants. It’s worthwhile to be watchful of that stray ant you see, so you can exterminate the ant infestation before it compromises your home or your health.
  • Hire: If you suspect you need ant pest control in Butte County, CA building, hire a professional to do an inspection. The professionals at Hobbs Pest Solutions can identify the type of ant, the risks that type of ant poses, the best way to exterminate them and how to prevent future infestation. Your home should be a comfortable, safe place, and Hobbs Pest Solutions, provides the integrated pest control solutions that protect you and your home.
  • Prevention: The best way to avoid an ant infestation is to eliminate the resources ants need to thrive. Start by repairing leaks and removing excess condensation on spouts and lines to avoid standing water close to your home, and of course, ants are always looking for food, so keep your property clean. Use caulk to seal up all existing entry points, and keep your shrubbery trimmed to ensure that ants cannot use it as a highway system into your home. Finally, if you have rotten wood around your home, get the area repaired promptly.

Following these tips and scheduling an inspection if you are considering ant pest control will reduce your risk of large-scale infestation, damage to your home and any negative health effects. Fortunately, ant infestation is a very common problem that, if caught early, won’t cause you too much trouble. Call Hobbs Pest Solutions for your ant pest control needs in Butte County, CA. We’re happy to help!

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