Early Signs of a Spider Infestation

Early Signs of a Spider Infestation

March 11, 2019

Spiders are among the most feared pests (whether deservedly or not), and you probably don’t want them around. So, what are some of the early signs that may point to a spider infestation in your home or commercial building? Let’s ask an expert in the business of spider removal in Butte County, CA how to go about identifying a spider problem.

Know where to look

First things first, where should you even begin looking for these uninvited guests? Because knowing where spiders hide will help you figure out if you have a spider infestation, we’ll tell you: start by thinking like a spider. Spiders enjoy hanging out in dark, damp places where insects, flies and ants are likely to be. Search for spiders and spiderwebs in places such as corners, ceilings, windowsills, between the foundation and exterior walls, patio furniture, basements, sheds and storage areas and boxes.

Old and new spiderwebs

While it’s not unusual to see spiderwebs around your property or inside your house every so often, seeing more spiderwebs than normal might be something to worry about. An abundance of webs in your home, office, backyard, patio, eaves, windowsills or garage is a telltale sign of a spider issue. The size and shape of spiderwebs vary depending on the type of spider that spun them. Since this is the case, keep your eyes open for delicate webs, funnel shaped webs and very big, expansive webs.

Spider egg sacs

Prime time for spider mating season is around fall. The temperature is beginning to cool down during this time of year, which is ideal for them to spawn. After spiders mate, they lay their eggs right into a silk spun sac, each containing an average of 100 spider eggs. You can look for egg sacs in several different places, including attached to building surfaces (inside and outside), on the spiderwebs itself or being carried and moved around by the female spider. Seeing one or many spider egg sacs is a big red flag that you soon might have to deal with a spider infestation.

Spiders, spiders everywhere

It’s normal to maybe see only one or two spiders inside your house or commercial building over a long period of time, especially if you regularly screen for pests and keep up with maintenance. However, if you are starting to see more spiders than usual around the property, that could mean other spiders are nearby. Spiders may be multiplying or hiding as we speak! The presence of spiders is not good for several reasons. For starters, they make a space seem dirty and unkempt. Some people also have a fear of spiders, meaning a spider infestation is not good for maintaining comfort and security. If an employee or customer has a fear of spiders, their presence can impact your business.

Spiders, while great for getting rid of other pests like flies and ants, could be venomous, and ultimately you don’t want them invading your property. Consider everyone’s safety and contact a pest control service immediately if you have a concern. Whether you think you might have a spider problem or know for sure that there’s an infestation, don’t wait to call Hobbs Pest Solutions for spider removal in Butte County, CA!

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