Pro Tips for Keeping Spiders Out of Your Home This Spring

Pro Tips for Keeping Spiders Out of Your Home This Spring

April 3, 2019

It might not feel like it outside just yet, but the calendar says that it’s officially spring. That means the days are getting warmer, flowers will soon start to bloom… and creepy crawly spiders will once again be out and about!

The best way you can treat spiders and pests is to hire a professional for local pest control in Butte County, CA. However, there are some steps that you can take by yourself before you call a pro. Continue reading to learn some home remedies to keep spiders far away from your home this spring (and all year long):

  • Ladybugs: If you have a garden, bushes or shrubs up against your home, you can fight fire with fire by introducing ladybugs to your property. Ladybugs feast on pretty much the same food as spiders, and they’re actually much more aggressive at catching their prey. Ladybugs will snatch up all of the food, forcing spiders to look elsewhere.
  • Peppermint oil: Spiders hate the strong smell of peppermint oil! Mix some peppermint oil in a bottle with water and spray the mixture throughout your home and on your home’s exterior. You can bet that spiders will stay far away. Additionally, peppermint oil deters wasps, yellowjackets and other insects.
  • Essential oils: Spiders also hate essential oils, including rose, tea tree, cinnamon, lavender, citrus and eucalyptus oil. Similar to peppermint oil, mix some in a bottle and spray the oils throughout your home, or soak cotton balls with the oil and place them strategically to ward off spiders.
  • Keep a clean home: You should keep a tidy home for more reasons that one, but one of the top reasons is to deter spiders from setting up shop inside. Spiders love hanging out in cluttered areas, particularly behind boxes. Make a habit of dusting once a week, eliminating cobwebs as soon as you see them and properly storing any boxes.
  • Get a pet: Many animals, especially cats, will chase anything that scurries across the floor. Your pet will scare off spiders and make them think twice before coming into your house!
  • Tidy up the yard: The interior of your home isn’t the only place that should be kept clean—be sure to do the same with your yard! Spiders hide in wood piles and other debris commonly found in yards. If you keep a wood stack for a fireplace in your outdoor space, be sure to move it at least a few feet away from your home.
  • Call a pro: If none of the treatments above seem to have an effect, just hire a professional! An exterminator can come to your home and treat your property for all pests, including spiders. Be sure you find exterminators who use chemicals that are safe for your family members and pets.

If you’re looking to hire someone for local pest control in Butte County, CA, look no further than Hobbs Pest Solutions. We guarantee the quality of our work, so you won’t have to live with spiders, insects, rodents or any other types of pests for long. Give us a call today to get a quote for our services!

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