Spring Brings Out the Bugs—Here's What to Look For

Spring Brings Out the Bugs—Here’s What to Look For

May 20, 2019

It may have been a long winter, but bugs are much more resilient than you might expect. Even in areas of the United States that experience harsh, frigid winters, the bugs return in massive numbers every single year, and have arrived in full force by the time summer hits. This means that it’s important as a homeowner to be prepared for their return and to guard your home against their potential intrusion.

So what exactly can you do as a homeowner to make sure you’ve guarded against the return of pests of all types? Here are just a few strategies we recommend as a pest controller in Butte County, CA:

  • Seal up your house: Bugs tend to enter your home through cracks around doors and windows, as well as through the foundation, entryways and other gaps for plumbing and electrical wiring. Even very small cracks are big enough for spiders, cockroaches and other pests to get inside. This means if you notice any of these cracks, especially around windows and doors, be sure to seal them up. Usually caulk is the simplest and most effective option for filling cracks, but for larger gaps you may need to use a different material.
  • Eliminate clutter: Piles of debris and clutter are going to attract insects and other pests to your property. Cold, damp, dark places are ideal for many bugs to hide from predators. This means if you’ve got piles of unused clothing or old cardboard boxes lying around, or if you have any messes that have accumulated on the floor, they could attract insects. You should also try to keep your counters as clear as possible.
  • Keep food stored properly: Always make sure food is stored away so it doesn’t attract bugs. Clean out your refrigerator and pantry every now and then, and clean up spills as soon as they occur. Don’t leave bad food sitting around—throw it away when it’s past its expiration date. Keep other foods in non-sealable packages stored in airtight containers—it’s not enough to just roll up a bag.
  • Fix your plumbing: Bad plumbing can also be a factor that attracts bugs to your home during the spring. If you’ve got leaks, the resulting moisture will definitely attract pests. In addition, odors near your downspouts could attract roaches and flies. If you have any materials in your home that have been damaged by water, you should repair the damage immediately and replace any materials that are beyond repair.
  • Call in a pro: Even if you haven’t noticed any insect infestations yet, a pest control specialist can come in and conduct a thorough investigation of your home to determine where any potential areas of vulnerability may be. This can allow you to resolve potential problems before insects exploit them.

For more information about how you can guard against the return of the bugs this spring, contact Hobbs Pest Solutions. One of our experienced pest controllers in Butte County, CA can help you with both prevention and elimination!

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