Top Five Reasons to Hire Local Pest Control in Butte County, CA

Top Five Reasons to Hire Local Pest Control in Butte County, CA

June 22, 2019

Ants, roaches, spiders, flies and other pests don’t care if you hate that they walk all over your stuff, eat your food without permission or burrow through wood beam supports in your attic. They are nasty critters without a care in the world. What’s worse is that they’re even more problematic in swarms. Small as some pests may be, most are fully capable of causing damage to your house and property, creating uncomfortable living conditions for your family and contaminating your home.

Luckily, there’s a quick, long-lasting method of eliminating unwanted pests: call an expert pest control service! Here are the top five reasons to hire local pest control in Butte County, CA:

  • Identify and eliminate pests: Most experienced pest control companies can take care of all types of pest problems, such as rodents, spiders, ants, termites and more. What many homeowners don’t know is that different types of chemicals are used to eradicate different types of pests. A licensed professional will know how to identify pests, how to use the best methods and chemicals for a specific pest and the ideal area to apply them.
  • Locate the source: Eliminating pests is one thing, but it’s another to determine the cause of the problem. Another benefit of hiring an expert pest control technician is that they can minimize the amount of treatment by locating the source of the pest infestation. Common sources include plants, garbage, soil, pet food and wall insulation. Discovering the root of the problem is the best way to prevent future infestations.
  • Protect your health: We can all agree that most types of pests are generally unnerving, but they can also carry diseases and hazardous bacteria that can harm humans. For example, tick bites can cause Lyme disease, and cockroaches carry salmonella and E. coli on their bodies that can trigger or cause asthma and allergies. Ants are notorious food contaminators, and stinging insects can injure or cause life-threatening allergic reactions.
  • Avoid damage to property: You may want to do your own pest control in an effort to save money. However, hiring a professional pest control service can potentially save you money over time. Rodents and other pests can cause a host of damage to your home, such as destroying clothes, carpets, furniture, hard flooring, walls and insulation materials. A lot of these types of damages will eventually need to be fixed, and the pros will have more effective methods and strategies than the average DIY-er.
  • Save time and money: Chances are you will end up spending more money on insecticides if you try pest extermination yourself, but a pro knows exactly what will work. They are also trained to provide quick and effective services, while a homeowner might actually make matters worse. Additionally, the treatments needed may not be available to the general public. Let the pros help you take back your home! In a short amount of time, they will come up with an extermination plan to eliminate your pests.

If you suspect critters are wreaking havoc on your home, don’t wait—call Hobbs Pest Solutions today. We are the most reliable provider of pest control in Butte County, CA, and we’re proud to be a local business that’s committed to serving the community.

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