Tips for Keeping Fleas Away from Your Home

Tips for Keeping Fleas Away from Your Home

July 24, 2019

Obviously, insects are a problem you never want to have to deal with in your home. Fleas can be particularly troublesome if you have pets—they can quickly become a serious issue for you and your furry friends alike.

So, what steps can you take to prevent fleas from becoming an issue in your home? Here are a few examples of some common and easy at-home remedies that can help you keep the fleas at bay. For more tips, contact the best exterminators in Butte County, CA!

Herbal flea sprays

You can find a wide variety of herbal flea sprays in stores that should prove to be pretty effective. These sprays are made with non-toxic products that are completely safe to use if you have pets and children. You might even create your own flea spray by mixing vinegar, water, lemon juice and witch hazel. Put it into a large spray bottle and apply the product around your home, making sure to vacuum first.

Dish soap

You can use dish soap around your home to make a simple yet effective flea trap. Simply fill up a plate or bowl with warm water and dish soap and let it sit in the rooms in your home where you’ve noticed flea activity. The fleas will be attracted to the scent of the dish soap, but the water and soap combined will trap the flea in the solution due to its high viscosity. Continue replacing the solution in your homemade traps every day until you are no longer catching fleas with it. You should conduct this experiment overnight, as fleas are generally nocturnal.

Baking soda or salt

Baking soda can also be an effective deterrent against fleas. Lay down a little bit of baking soda along carpets and furniture, and scrub it into the fabric with a hard brush. After you’ve done that, vacuum thoroughly and empty the contents into a bag for disposal.

In a very similar way, you can use salt as an at-home deterrent to fleas. Sprinkle the salt over your carpets in each room and let it sit for a day or two, after which you can vacuum your home and empty the contents into a trash can outside.

Lemon spray

There are many great ways you can use lemon around your home as a natural cleaner and scent. It can also be used as an effective means of remedying a flea problem. Thinly slice a lemon and put the slices into a pint of water, which you will then bring to a boil. Let the solution sit overnight, then put it into a spray bottle, which you can spray in the areas of your home where you’ve noticed flea infestations, including pet beds, sofas and carpets. Only dampen the area—you shouldn’t need to soak it with the solution. This will help to serve as a flea deterrent.


Finally, there are certain types of plants that act as a natural flea repellent. Consider planting pennyroyal, lavender, spearmint or chrysanthemums in pots or in your gardens.

For more tips and information about flea prevention from the best exterminators in Butte County, CA, reach out to Hobbs Pest Solutions today.

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