Pro Tips: How to Keep Fleas Out of Your Home

Pro Tips: How to Keep Fleas Out of Your Home

September 20, 2019

Finding out that you’re sharing space with a six- or eight-legged pest is always unsettling, but when you discover that you’re the prey of fleas, it’s especially bad. After all, when fleas are in your home, your entire family—pets included—are at risk. Not to worry, however. With these simple tips, you can prevent or combat fleas and promote the best pest control in Butte County, CA.

Use monthly flea meds

The most common way that fleas can ride their way into your home is on the back of your family’s pets. To prevent your dog or cat from becoming host to a bunch of fleas, use monthly flea medication to ensure that your dog or cat is safe. You can find these medications everywhere from Amazon to your local veterinarian.

Keep your cats inside

If you’re in a position to do so, it’s always a good idea to keep your cat indoors. Not only will this eliminate their odds of coming into contact with pests, but it also all but removes a cat’s chances of getting hurt or contracting a potentially fatal illness.

Keep the dog groomed

Each time your pet comes in from outside, it’s a good idea to run a flea comb through their fur to make sure it’s clear of tagalongs. If your dog has particularly long hair, it might also be wise to have it trimmed back for the summer months.

Mow the yard

Fleas and similar pests live in tall grass and on plants. Keeping your lawn and plants trimmed gives insects fewer places to hide.

Keep your trash cans covered

Even if your pets are flea-free, not even the best pest control in Butte County, CA can prevent opossums and raccoons from bringing fleas onto your property. You can discourage these feral animals, however, by giving them fewer temptations. Keeping your trash can lids on tight (or, better yet, tucked in your garage) is a big step in the right direction.

Keep the carpets clean

Immature fleas can embed themselves in your carpet while they gestate. Simply vacuuming the carpet once a week can prevent new fleas from springing up in your carpet.

Act quickly if you spot a flea

If you do happen to spot a flea, immediately vacuum the carpets, then purchase a spray for both your carpets and your furniture. Then, wash every pet in the home with flea shampoo to ensure no pests are hiding out in their fur.

Your pest control solution

If you’re worried that you’re losing the battle against fleas in your home, call on Hobbs Pest Solutions, the best pest control in Butte County, CA. As one of the area’s premier pest control teams, we’re proud to deliver customized care to every one of our valued clients.

When your home or office is infested with bedbugs, roaches, ants, fleas, rats or mice, Hobbs Pest Solutions will race to your side and eliminate the problem with one of several cutting-edge treatments.

As an independently owned company, Hobbs Pest Solutions is proud to serve the Butte County community—we’re even available on Sundays. Give us a call today.

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