Signs That You Might Have a Spider Infestation in Your Home

Signs That You Might Have a Spider Infestation in Your Home

October 4, 2019

Spiders are genuinely miraculous creatures. They come in a vast array of sizes and shapes, some cute, some scary, some stunning. The webs they build are natural wonders that are held together by silk that, inch by inch, is stronger than steel. Additionally, most spiders are perfectly harmless… unless you’re a bug. Indeed, spiders may have a righteous claim to the title of being the best form of pest control in Butte County, CA.

Yes, one spider is a delight (and only when it’s outside your home). Several spiders, on the other hand, is a different story. Spider infestations in the home or office can exacerbate allergies and contaminate food sources. What’s more, a spider infestation is commonly a sign that one or more pests have also invaded your home, since spiders are drawn to the presence of other insects.

Unfortunately, spiders prefer to work in the shadows, which means that an infestation can be hard to spot until it’s too late. If you keep your eyes peeled, spotting a growing spider infestation in your home or office is easy.

Watch for recurring webs

Perhaps more than any other animal in nature, spiders are synonymous with their homes—in this case, their web. So, if you’re worried that your home might be filled with spiders, keep an eye out for webs.

One web in or around your house isn’t a big deal—simply wipe it away. If you see the same web reappear multiple times, though, it means that you’ve got an active spider in your home. Remember, webs can pop up in places you wouldn’t often look, like the backs of closets or under furniture.

Egg sacs are a problem

Even if you’re not part of the team providing the best pest control in Butte County, CA, you can still spot a spider egg sac. Almost across the board, spider egg sacs look like small globes wrapped tightly in webbing. If you find an egg sac in your home, immediately remove it—egg sacs can contain as many as 100 little spiders just waiting to rush out into your home.

If you spot an egg sac, it might be a good idea to call in a pro to inspect the rest of your house, as the egg sac you found could just be the only one you’ve found so far.

Eliminating spiders since 2014

There’s no need to suffer in a home filled with malicious creepy-crawlies. Hobbs Pest Solutions, the provider of the best pest control in Butte County, CA, is ready and waiting to help you take back your property.

In addition to spider removal, our highly-trained team can help with ant treatments, rodent control, bed bug eradication, flea removal, lawn care and commercial pest solutions of all sorts. As a locally owned and operated company, we understand the value of every client who enlists our services, which is why we work strenuously to ensure that customer satisfaction is always our top priority.

No matter what type of pest you’re dealing with, make Hobbs Pest Solutions your go-to team. You won’t regret it.

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