How to Identify a Rodent Problem in Your Home

How to Identify a Rodent Problem in Your Home

December 21, 2019

During the winter months, it’s common for rodents to make their way into homes and businesses to escape the cold and find food, shelter and water to last until spring. No matter how much you try to keep rodents at bay, they might still find their way inside, causing a number of big problems for your property. The sooner you identify a rodent problem, the better equipped you will be to address the issue and get rid of the pests. With this in mind, consider these tips from the best rodent exterminator in Butte County, CA to help you identify a rodent problem in your home:

  • Musty odors: Bad odors commonly indicate the presence of mice and rats. Rodent urine has a foul, musty smell that can alert homeowners to their presence. If you start to smell musty odors in attics, basements, pantries and other places where rodents typically hide out, contact a rodent exterminator for an inspection.
  • Obvious gnaw marks: Rodents are known to gnaw on everything from pantry items to electrical wires. Keep an eye out for obvious signs of gnawing in your home. Move furniture around to check for marks that might be hidden from view.
  • Droppings: Mice and rat droppings prove the presence of rodents in your home, and they can also provide information about the nature of the problem you’re dealing with. If you notice large quantities of droppings in your home, it shows that you might be dealing with a big infestation. The size of the droppings also provides some helpful info. Small droppings are usually left by mice, while larger droppings are usually from rats or other larger rodents.
  • Odd noises: Mice and rats usually stay pretty quiet during the day, but they are far more noticeable at night once things around the house quiet down. You might hear scurrying or gnawing noises in walls, ceilings and floors. When you’re in bed, listen for sounds of rodents and contact a professional for pest control if you think you’re dealing with mice or rats in your home.
  • Oily marks: Mice and rats have oily coats that leave marks on walls and along baseboards. You might notice streaks of oil along the floors in your home, indicating that mice and rats are inside. Follow these marks to figure out how mice and rats are moving around within your space. Take note of these things and pass the details along to the exterminator.

Best rodent exterminator in Butte County, CA

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