How Often Should I Treat My Home for Pests?

How Often Should I Treat My Home for Pests?

May 29, 2020

Pests cause all kinds of problems for homeowners, from property damage to health issues. Regardless of what kinds of pests you’re concerned about in your home, it’s important to keep up with regular treatment to keep insects, rodents and other pests at bay. If you want to keep your home pest-free, but you aren’t sure how often pest treatment is necessary, keep reading to learn more about the best pest control practices in Butte County, CA.

Assessing your pest control needs

Every household is different, and best pest control practices in Butte County, CA may vary depending on lots of different factors. Before determining how often pest control is necessary, it’s important to take stock of your pest control needs. Consider the kinds of pests you’ve noticed in and around your home and do some research to find out more about the pests that are most common in your area. This should give you a better idea of what kinds of pest control services you need.

In addition to thinking about the types of pests in your area, it’s also important to consider some of the specific characteristics of your property. Pests are more common on properties with large water sources or with lots of mature trees and plants growing in close proximity to a home. If your home is near a source of water, or your property has a lot of mature trees, you will likely benefit from more frequent pest control services.

How often is pest control necessary?

If you are concerned about insects and other pests that make their homes in your lawn and move inside during spring and summer, it’s a good idea to invest in landscape pest treatment every month or two. If you have recurring problems with rodents, it’s best to get routine pest control services until you’ve gotten rid of any remaining pests from your home. Consistency is key when it comes to keeping pests away from your property for as long as possible.

When things start to cool off during the fall and winter, frequent landscape pest control isn’t usually as necessary. However, pest control might be necessary more often during the fall and winter if you’re dealing with rodents or other pests that seek shelter in your home to escape the cold weather. For the best results from your investment in pest control services, it’s a good idea to arrange a consultation with a professional pest control technician. Request a meeting and get recommendations based on your specific needs and the characteristics of your property.

Best pest control practices in Butte County, CA

If you have more questions about the best pest control practices in Butte County, CA, reach out to Hobbs Pest Solutions. For years, our customers have relied on us to provide comprehensive pest control services to address a wide variety of concerns. No matter what your pest control needs may be, our team is here to assist you. Give us a call to find out more about the services we offer and to request an appointment with one of our pest control experts.

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