Tips to Evict Ants and Other Pests for Good

Tips to Evict Ants and Other Pests for Good

July 7, 2020

No one likes a freeloader, and ants, spiders and fleas are the worst of all. They pop up in the spring and summer like clockwork, ready to make your home their own, bite you and your pets, eat your summer fruit and generally create nuisances wherever you find them. Spiders, fleas and ants are all prone to invading your space during the summertime—here’s how to get rid of them. If you’re still having trouble, call Hobbs Pest Solutions for Sutter County pest control.

Getting rid of ants

Getting rid of ants for good not only involves keeping your home free of crumbs and spills and your sugary food locked up, but also sealing up cracks in your doors, windows and foundation. Ants leave scented trails behind them to find their way back to a food or moisture source, so wiping your countertops with disinfecting wipes can disrupt their trails. Make sure you take your trash out and rinse the cans out regularly.

Ant sprays work, but they don’t have any lasting effects—if the ants are still finding something to feed on, or moisture to sustain their water needs, they’ll keep coming back.

If you’re still dealing with ants even in a completely clean home, it’s time to call a professional. Ant colonies can lurk inside your walls and cause damage to your home’s structural integrity.

Getting rid of fleas

Getting rid of fleas—which usually come in along with your pets—involves thoroughly washing and cleaning your upholstery as well as the rest of your home. Vacuums and steam cleaners are good for carpet and upholstery, while you should wash your bedding on the hottest cycle the fabric will tolerate. Sometimes, you’ll need to just get new bedding altogether.

To keep your yard flea-free, make sure you mow and remove organic debris regularly. Spread cedar chips around the yard, particularly in areas where your pet likes to hang out, around the perimeter of your home and in flowerbeds.

In many cases, a flea infestation will require the services of a Sutter County pest control professional—these insects often only respond to serious pesticides.

Getting rid of spiders

Whether or not you’re one of the many people afraid of spiders, no one really wants yet another eight-legged roommate. Some are harmless, some have annoying bites and some are downright dangerous.

Spiders are mostly seeking shelter inside our homes, so if you notice a spider population developing, start with spider traps or sprays. They are also averse to diatomaceous earth (which can be spread around the perimeter of your home), peppermint oil and vinegar. These natural solutions can be sprayed around the baseboards, corners and crevices in your home to discourage a new invasion.

If you’re struggling with ants, spiders and fleas this summer, make sure you get in touch with Hobbs Pest Solutions. Our friendly Sutter County pest control team can help you identify, treat and eliminate pest invasions so you’re able to live in comfort all year long.

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